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19 August 2010 @ 12:02 am
Seeley Booth, Army Ranger in Training (What It Was Like for Him)  
I was going through the cable guide and saw Discovery Channel had a documentary on about Army Ranger School, so I instantly selected it for fanfiction research purposes--well, I also wanted to empathize more with the Seeley Booth character, too, as well as actual Army Rangers. After transcribing VA Hospital psychological exams, I find myself wanting to know all I can to appreciate what soldiers have gone through because they go through a helluvalot. *hugs them all* I'm glad they have Booth and some episodes speaking of some of the extremes of it. I can only hope it helps people appreciate as much as I do what soldiers go through out there.

Here are some of the things Seeley Booth had to do when training to be an Army Ranger:
1. Go over 60 hours through the below training on only 3 hours of sleep and one meal.
2. Climb up a ladder while carrying a rifle (his "weapon," as they call it in the military [My dad's CO said to someone in his basic unit, "You PISS from your gun! You fire from your WEAPON." *chuckle*]), and then walk across a beam no wider than his body (must walk like he would on the street; walking like he's on a balance beam is not allowed) still carrying his rifle, walk over an obstacle (two steps up, two steps down), flip down to grab a rope, shimmy over to a Ranger sign on the rope and touch it, then drop into the VERY COLD water and swim to shore.
3. Jump into the cold water from the shore (apparently deep enough to do so; must be a man-made lake?) with full gear on, remove gear while keeping afloat, make it to shore with gear in tow.
4. Walk in full gear carrying his rifle in front of him for several miles to get to camp. (I didn't hear how many they said, but it took them overnight and into the next day.)
5. Walk through a chest-deep muddy swamp (complete with smelling like sewage) in full gear.
6. Change of command to the least experienced candidate just before their first mission.
(Missions most likely vary, but these are what they showed on the program)
7. Follow whatever orders the commander gives on the given mission, which is to overtake an active drug building the size of a pole barn, and to remain in cooperation and coordination with his fellow rangers-in-training (including the commander) while following those orders.
8. Travel (also rigorous) to and complete the second mission in much the same way. On the program, it was rescuing surviving soldiers from a wounded vessel (battleship or some such) while on a hostile beach (surrounded by the enemy).

So, yeah. That gives you a little more insight into Booth's strength of will and job skills, doesn't it? Holy frijoles!
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