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So far I've done Bones, The Office, CSI Las Vegas, CSI Miami, NCIS, Dexter and Chuck! I'll be making more over the next couple weeks and if you have any suggestions please let me know. Also, I'm offering free US shipping to you guys, just enter "LJFREE" at the Paypal checkout and I'll refund your shipping costs. Thanks guys!! XOXO
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Seeley Booth, Army Ranger in Training (What It Was Like for Him)

I was going through the cable guide and saw Discovery Channel had a documentary on about Army Ranger School, so I instantly selected it for fanfiction research purposes--well, I also wanted to empathize more with the Seeley Booth character, too, as well as actual Army Rangers. After transcribing VA Hospital psychological exams, I find myself wanting to know all I can to appreciate what soldiers have gone through because they go through a helluvalot. *hugs them all* I'm glad they have Booth and some episodes speaking of some of the extremes of it. I can only hope it helps people appreciate as much as I do what soldiers go through out there.

Here are some of the things Seeley Booth had to do when training to be an Army Ranger:
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