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Welcome to Bones_Daily, the live journal community for Bones fans to post daily about their favorite TV show.

We do allow posts on Bones icons, graphics, fanfiction, articles, news, vids, and more.

Community Rules:

1. No flaming or personal attacks on members will be permitted. Please report it to the mods if you see this by letting me know in my live journal (love_kate_walsh).
2. If you post pictures then DO NOT HOTLINK. There are places where you can upload your images such as photobucket or imageshack
3. If you post fic or vids please rate it such as PG, R, etc. Please copy and paste the following into your post when you make fic or vid posts:

4. Any large pictures, not work safe material and spoilers belong behind a lj-cut. You must include a warning in the post if you have spoilers or not work safe material. Spoilers are anything that has to do with episodes that have not aired yet in the US.
5. Posts that contain Media other than fic must be friends-locked.

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Comment here to affiliate, your community has to do with Bones and/or their actors in some way.

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